Occupation of Wyndford PS and St. Gregory’s

Yesterday (the 3rd of April) at 2:30pm the parents of Wyndford Primary School, and St. Gregory’s occupied the buildings.

Messages of support have been received from Sheffield, Dundee,  Italy, Ireland, Australia… and growing.



Local Bebo Group

BBC coverage


PARENTS LETTER (from inside occupied wyndford and st gregory’s prmary schools)
We are parents from Wyndford and St Gregory’s primary schools and we believe our children haven’t had a fair deal

The council are wanting to close 13 primary schools and 12 nurseries in Glasgow. None of these have had a fair consultation.

These closures will destroy communities, risk children’s education and safety.

The consultation is a complete and utter farce, for example the council forgot that Ruchill primary had an autism unit and claimed Wyndford had a swimming pool, but there have been too many mistakes to mention them all.

Visit Wyndford and St Gregorys,116 Glenfinnan drive in the Wyndford estate behind tesco.

Please show your support for our occupation.
Your school or workplace could be next….

Wyndford: 07894 123721

St. Gregory’s: 07776 396152


18 responses to “Occupation of Wyndford PS and St. Gregory’s

  1. Harry Schuster Simon

    It seems to me that these protests are motivated by self interest and are being orchestrated by far left political groups which are exploiting you and your young families for their own ends. Do you think Sheridan cares which school your children attend?

    It would be in the best interests of your families if you were to accept and respect the judgement of your elected officials.

    • Congrats to all who are taking part in this sit-in. I have been to visit them and their spirit and determination to preserve their schools is magnificent. It is only when you know the area and the most dangerous route that the children will have to travel, that you can appreciate the anxiety the parents have, not to mention the fact that it would cost these families £17.50 per week travelling expenses for parents to accompanytheir children to school, unless they walk through a most dangerous narrow aquaduct with very heavy traffic or walk over a narrow canal bridge. Please don’t condemn these people unless you know the full facts.

  2. Sorry Harry!
    I’ll switch off the ‘approve comments’ thing as soon as I figure out how 🙂

    I realise you’re trying to be provocative…
    ” It would be in the best interests of your families if you were to accept and respect the judgement of your elected officials.”

    …and clearly a bit mental. But we’ll take our support from wherever we can get it. As a parent said last night, “we’ll even take support from Maggie Thatcher”. LOL


    • Well done to these parents and education workers who are standing up to Glasgow City Council’s Labour Party who are playing political football with our childrens- and our communities- futures. From Campsie Branch Scottish Socialist Party

  3. Harry, have you even spoken to anyone involved in the Glasgow schools protests? Your ignorance suggests otherwise mate.

  4. Brent Bennett

    Good to hear people sticking together in solidarity!!! Keep up the fight. From Cambridge Ontario Canada.
    Brent Bennett

  5. Saw news coverage of this on BBC news yesterday. Good to see these parents standing together to fight for their schools and their communities against the attacks of Glasgow’s NuLab council. Keep up thre fight !. Well Done SOS.

    Jim Carroll. , Exeter, Devon.

  6. Kudos to the parents involved in this, when we stand apart and expect politicians to do things for us we are weak and cowed. When we stand together we are truly mighty and can achieve the impossible!
    Andy the far left extremist who wants to make you all a lovely cup of tea! 🙂

  7. Well done folks. Its great to see Glasgow communities stand up for their rights at last.

  8. i am not far left and i support the occupation! anarchists, socialists, nationalists, nonpolitical people and everyone is coming together to support the save our schools campaign.

    Solidarity from Govanhill!

    Esther Sassaman

  9. Here is a message from Heather on behalf of the Merrylee Nursery Class Parents Forum which is fighting to keep its nursery as a term-time nursery and to keep its head teacher:

    To all those who are making a very important statement about their and their children’s opportunities-you are very brave in doing what you are doing, and the BBC coverage was very positive. The two women interviewed came accross brilliantly (the danger with the press is that they can often take somrthing very positive like this and turn it in to something negative).

    You really got your point over and it made me realise the effect these closures would have on the atmosphere and spirit in your whole community. I so so hope that April 23rd brings the right result for all of you and your children…and you will always know that you gave it the very very best shot for your children. Well done to you all and I sincerely hope the Labour councillors save your schools because you have certainly given it your best shot!

  10. I am a parent at Lewisham Bridge Primary School in London and as part of Defend Education in Lewisham we have been fighting similar attacks on our schools in our borough. My son’s school, Lewisham Bridge, has been given away to a private company called Leathersellers. They plan to turn it into a 3-16 school despite the opposition of the majority of parents. We went through a similar sham consultation where it was obvious that the education authority had already made up its mind and completely ignored the fact that parents had overwhelmingly said NO!

    We are now being told that we have to leave the site for 2 years whilst they knock down our lovely victorian school and replace with a glass monstrosity that currently does not even have planning permission.

    Our kids from the age of 3 are to be bussed to a building over a mile away for the next 2 years.

    Good luck with your occupation. Defend Education in Lewisham sends its support and solidarity. We will spread the word as far as we can to get messages of support to you.

    The closure of schools, and the opening of academies s all part of Ed Balls’ plan to privatise our kids education and to sell-off our assets in the shape of land and buildings to their friends in the City. Actions like yours can stop them and stop them we must.

    Do you have support from the teaching staff? I would have thought that would be great if you could re-open the school to kids and staff after the Easter hols but under your terms, i.e. still under occupation.

    All the best


  11. Well done to the parents for standing up to Glasgow City Council and not accepting the proposed savage cuts in the community. They council already closed some schools in Maryhill a few years ago. Now the council want to close what few schools remain. The parents are to be commended for giving up their Easter holidays and camping on a hard school floor in their determination to save the schools and the local community.

  12. Well done all of you. It takes a lot of guts to stand up for something when you are up against a more powerful group. Don’t give up. You can beat them if you stick together.

  13. Dear Parents/Grandparents/Students and Supporters,
    Stand your ground like I did in front of George Bush’s ranch in Texas!

    I am proud of you and what you are doing, not only for your children, but for your country.

    I stand in solidarity with you. You are in my thoughts.

    Good luck!

    Love & Peace
    Cindy Sheehan

  14. Liz Campbell Scott

    How good to see community spirit in action. This is a crucial battle – you’re fighting to keep your community alive and you’re fighting for your children’s future. People all over the UK – and beyond – are with you, so whatever the outcome, don’t be discouraged – you have more power than you think. Change can come if we work together – this is more important than issues of class or religious belief or political colour. We need to stand together in our communities and work to make things bettter for us all. Well done, all of you.

  15. It has been truely amazing to see the united response to these awful school closure proposals. It has made me very proud to be living in Maryhill,and of every single person who has taken part in the protests. Our community spirit will survive and thrive. Watch this space Glasgow City Council!

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