Inside the schools

The coverage in the media so far has been amazing. It was covered on the ITV National news on Sunday, and was on GMTV today as well.

Emma Clifford will also be covering the story on her radio programme tonight.

“Tonight 8-9pm on Sunny Govan Community Radio
103.5FM across Glasgow or worldwide”

UPDATE: The council have now informed the parents that the media are banned from the schools. Any interviews will have to be conducted outside school the grounds.




Nikki Rathmill


Esther Sassaman

“Here is a message from Heather on behalf of the Merrylee Nursery Class Parents Forum which is fighting to keep its nursery as a term-time nursery and to keep its head teacher:

To all those who are making a very important statement about their and their children’s opportunities-you are very brave in doing what you are doing, and the BBC coverage was very positive. The two women interviewed came accross brilliantly (the danger with the press is that they can often take somrthing very positive like this and turn it in to something negative).

You really got your point over and it made me realise the effect these closures would have on the atmosphere and spirit in your whole community. I so so hope that April 23rd brings the right result for all of you and your children…and you will always know that you gave it the very very best shot for your children. Well done to you all and I sincerely hope the Labour councillors save your schools because you have certainly given it your best shot!”



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  1. andrena fisher

    brilliant pml xx

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