Planning Meeting

Glasgow Save Our Schools Campaign

TUESDAY 7th April


Piper bar (upstairs), George sq/Cochrane St

Support the Wyndford/St Gregory’s Sit-ins! Save Our Schools!

Community Unity March

THURSDAY 9th April

6:30pm – meet at the Wyndford schools – Garfillan Drive, behind Maryhill Rd Tescos

Dear friends,

The battle to save 25 schools and nurseries has heated up at a phenomenal rate in the last week.

We’ve gained massive media coverage – through the Glasgow SOS Campaign press conference; the Clowns Parade stunt; the hands around Our Schools protest – and above all from the tremendously courageous sit-ins being staged in Wyndford and St Gregory’s.

We need to do 3 things simultaneously over the next few days; build support for the sit-ins (especially by staging a solidarity march on Thursday); build for a mass demo on 17th, and keep pounding every local councillor by phone, email and face-to-face as they head towards the decision-making Council Executive meting on 17th.

The Glasgow SOS Planning meeting on Tuesday night, 7.30pm, will have a rep from each of the two sit-ins at it – to help us discuss the best ways to sustain and support the sit-ins, as well as learning from their experiences so far. Please make sure your local school is well represented at it.

We had a very good support rally outside the 2 occupied schools on Saturday, at short notice.

At the end I said I would meet with the two sets of occupiers and discuss the possibility of a solidarity march round the Wyndford scheme. We have met since, had a full discussion inside both sit-ins, and agreed to call it on Thursday evening, meeting at the schools at 6:30pm.

The parents, grandparents and campaigners staging the sit-ins are enthusiastically calling on all campaigners to build the march – to show the sit-ins have support in the local area and across the whole city. So please mobilise who you can, with banners and placards. The whole event won’t last beyond 7:30pm.

Do your best to attend the planning meeting on Tuesday.

Meantime also pay visits to the sit-ins – for a chat, with food and drink if you can – but above all just to show the people inside they have support across the city.

And spread this email and the events in it as widely as you can amongst parents etc in your area.

Yours in struggle,

Richie Venton – Glasgow SOS Campaign organiser

07828 278 093


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