March to support sit-in parents

BBC Article 09/04/2009

BBC - Occupation support march

A march has taken place in support of parents who have occupied two closure threatened schools in Glasgow.

More than a dozen people have been staging a sit-in at Wyndford Primary and St Gregory’s Primary in Maryhill since last Friday.

Both could be closed in a savings drive to shut or merge 13 primary schools and 12 nurseries across the city.

A Save Our Schools Campaign march around the Wyford housing scheme was attended by about 400 people.

‘Community unity’

March organiser, Richie Venton, said: “A remarkable outpouring of support for the school sit-ins has poured in from the local community, parents at neighbouring schools, campaigners against all 25 school closures, and from people as far afield as Canada.

“The spirits of those occupying the schools is sky high, because they know the Labour councillors are terrified by the width of support for the Save Our Schools campaign.

He added: “This was a demonstration of unity in the communities against the worst attack on kids’ education in living memory.”

Earlier this week parents taking part in the school occupations called on the leader of Glasgow City Council, Steven Purcell, to come to the school and discuss the closure proposals with them.

Glasgow City Council said Mr Purcell had no plans to meet with the protesters.

A spokeswoman added: “We held a six-week consultation period during which we organised 46 public meetings, including four separate meetings for parents at the schools involved in this protest.”


One response to “March to support sit-in parents

  1. Cllr Jim Bollan

    Well done for taking direct action to save the schools for your communities. You should all be proud of your actions. With every best wish and Solidarity with your sit-in. Keep at it.
    Cllr Jim Bollan
    Scottish Socialist Party
    West Dunbartonshire Council.

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