Glasgow SOS Campaign Press Conference, Tues 14th 11.30am

Glasgow Save Our Schools Campaign

PRESS RELEASE … for immediate use (13th April)


Tues 14th APRIL 2009


@ Inside the Occupied Schools (Wyndford and St Gregory’s primaries), Maryhill, Glasgow

The city-wide Glasgow Save Our Schools Campaign is holding this press conference to coincide with a critical meeting of the ruling Labour Group of councillors, and to mark ten full days of the school sit-ins by parents, grandparents and carers who are defying the Labour council’s plans to shut schools and enlarge class sizes to the detriment of children’s education.

Glasgow Save Our Schools Campaign organiser, Richie Venton, today said:

“We have just witnessed ten days that shook the Labour council.

“The courageous actions of those staging the sit-ins have hit the world’s media with the case against 25 closures that would mean larger classes, fewer teachers, dangerous journeys for small kids, job losses for parents who can’t combine putting their kids into school with getting to work – and an assault on vitally needed community facilities in deprived areas of Glasgow.

“Those occupying the schools in Wyndford and St Gregory’s are protecting public services and our children’s future. The vandals are the Labour Group of councillors who today meet to agonise over just how deeply to sink their axe whilst trying to cling onto Labour voters to protect their full-time councillors’ wages.

“The sit-ins have deepened the unity of the community locally. They have electrified the campaign to save all 25 schools and nurseries – which those staging the occupations have made clear is their aim.

“At the press conference, campaigners from across the city will declare our united determination to fight on regardless of what the 46 Labour councillors come up with today.

“Cynical gestures of Labour councillors voting against closures in their own local area where they rely on local votes, but voting to shut all schools in other areas, won’t save their skins. Their choice is stark and simple – vote to save all schools and nurseries or face the sack from voters in the future.”

For more info contact Richie Venton on 07828 278 093 or at


City Council Executive
Friday 17th April, 10am
George Square

Leaflet for demo – pdf file


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