PROTEST AT THE SECC TOMORROW + City Chambers at 5:45pm

For the early birds – 11am – with more people turning up at 12pm . Full details to follow, and updated when possible.(see you tomorrow). Be ready to be flexible, as they will be expecting protests, and will be trying to avoid them.

Gordon Brown is supposed to be having a meeting of the Westminster Cabinet tomorrow at the SECC – Glasgow.

Hopefully we can use this to put pressure on  Labour regarding the recent announcement about school closures.

Gordon Brown will also be meeting Steven Purcell at the city chambers tonight.(16/04/2009)

Evening Times

“Disbelief as schools fight ends in defeat”

What defeat?

This isn’t over yet!


“Labour councillors must live on another planet if they think these few crumbs will satisfy the public appetite for properly funded, local and accessible schools and nurseries in our communities.”

A comment on The Evening Times Story11:28pm Wed 15 Apr 09

My daughter attends St Gregory’s Primary and I have been one of the people occupying the school gym hall. This decision was not taken lightly. Not one of us chooses to be here, we feel it is a necessesity that we are here. We could be out in a heartbeat if Mr Purcell lifts his phone and tells us that our schools will not close. My child is the most important person in my life and I think Mr Purcell has underestimated the love a mother has for her children. St Gregorys attainment results are consistently high and have risen as class numbers have fallen. The teachers are hardworking, dedicated professionals whom our children not only respect, but also look up to and admire. This is not something you see very much of anymore. Our building is not crumbling and is certainly not fit for demolition.
I feel the proposals have been a sham from start to finish. They have been rushed and poorly thought out.
While researching repair bills ect, we found an uncountable number of mistakes made by the people that we trust to run our city.
If these people can make mistakes like this then it obviously runs much deeper. These people are paid high ammounts of money to do the work and still cant get it right. I have lost all confidence in Labour, a party I have voted since the age of 18 and will not rest until these proposals are postponed and re thought out, or until Mr Purcell collects his first Giro. Whichever comes first.
We as parents are very passionate about our campaign and are furious that the very people who elected this council have not been given the courtesy of having their views listened to.
Mr. Purcell our gloves are off, I hope your ready for the next steps of our campaign against these ludicrous proposals. Wyndford and St Gregorys United we will never be divided!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite Shawbirdge Nursery being saved from closure, they turned out yesterday at the Victoria Fun Day at Queens Park to support the other schools and nurseries.

Kevin, a parent from Shawbridge:

“We’re here to fight with the rest of you!”


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