New Occupations – Victoria Primary, and Our Lady of Assumption

OLA roof protest

There are occupations ongoing at Our Lady of Assumption (OLA) in Ruchill and at Victoria Primary in Govanhill (the Victoria Occupation lasted 5 hours – see Indymedia Scotland below, and Evening Times).
At OLA.. about 4 or 5 parents went on to the roof in the middle of the night last night and are still there, planning to stay until  Thursday. They have one tent but need sleeping bags, camping stoves, torches etc.

Our Lady of the Assumption: 07949 383 019 – Janette(sp?)

The Galloway Gazette

At Victoria Primary in Govanhill five people went into the school at around 3pm and occupied the medical room, while others chained themselves to railings outside.

Tracey MacKinnon, 38, whose 11-year-old child attends the school, said: “We just want the school to stay open. We are fighting for the rest of the schools to stay open as well. We want these councillors to wake up and smell the roses.”

Indymedia Scotland

edit to add – 1930pm

The parents chained to the outside and some inside of victoria primary, govanhill, are going to end their action at around 8pm this evening.

It is only ending to avoid disruption of the childrens education by having them taken by bus away from the school tommorow. Complete bully tactics by the council, shameful stuff. Their protest outside would not have caused any disruption to the education of the kids. More like the council dont want this sort of action “seen” in the community….

the local councillor, anne-marie millar, funnily enough lives only yards from the protest and the school in question. No surprise that she has not shown her face.. some parents showed their displeasure there on friday night prior to taking this action today.

OLA in the Evening Times


Email/telephone Labour


One response to “New Occupations – Victoria Primary, and Our Lady of Assumption

  1. How wrong have these Labour Councillors got this! They seem to be attacking the very people Labour should be protecting.

    Well done all who are standing up for their communities…

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