Protests Today – hands around the schools

scotsman.comParents vow fresh protests over closures

There was a good turn out in the Wyndford estate today, with press in attendance too. 100+ parents and children. Our Lady of the Assumption also had a turnout.


If anyone has any info on the other schools please email or post in the comments.

Please also include any local events in the ‘Upcoming Events’ section.



Message of support from Save Our Scools – Canberra

Dear friends,
We have noted your struggle in the press and wish to convey our best wishes and support.

Our organisation was founded in a battle to save 39 schools in Canberra, Australia in 2006, and we have now branched out into broader education issues. We retain a firm commitment to the neighbourhood school.

Our website contains a large amount of material on our school closure fight (see ‘School Closure’ section on the website). Feel free to use anything of use on it for your struggle. In particular, a submission on the initial school closure proposal in 2006 (called Towards 2020) covers many of the general arguments governments and councils use to close schools and some of it may be of use and relevance to you. The submission (SOS submission on Towards 2020) can be accessed in the section ‘Submissions’ on the SOS website.


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