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Glasgow Save Our Schools Campaign

PRESS RELEASE … for immediate use (29th April)

Save Our Schools


At Education Offices, Wheatley House, Cochrane St (off George Sq)

9am – 10am, Friday 1st May

Parents from closure-threatened schools and nurseries are staging an angry protest outside a secret meeting between the Labour Council and head-teachers from the schools affected, demanding entrance to the meeting and for the Council to stop trying to rail-road through their closures.

Glasgow Save Our Schools Campaign organiser, Richie Venton, today said:

“This meeting is typical of the Labour Council’s methods.

“It is secretive; parents discovered it by pure chance.

“It is exclusive; parents and carers whose kids are threatened with traumatic moves were not even informed, let alone invited to it.

“And it is another attempt to rail-road through the closures; the Labour council knows full well that we are mounting legal challenges to their immoral closure procedures, and taking our case to the Scottish parliament, yet they want to bamboozle and browbeat people by making it appear the closures are done and dusted.

“Parents are demanding an invitation to the meeting. We condemn the Labour council for excluding the very people whose families are at risk from their education cuts.

“The people of Glasgow will not be denied their voice by Labour’s dictatorship – the fight to obstruct and prevent these closures continues; the schools are still there; and the will to resist closures has hardened in the face of the Labour Council’s obscene disregard for kids and communities.”

For more info contact Richie Venton on 07828 278 093 or at richieventon@hotmail.com



Glasgow May Day

Sunday 3rd May – 11am in George Square

The annual trade union and labour movement May Day march and events – celebrating international workers’ solidarity. We need to get a big Glasgow SOS contingent on this – with banners and placards, making our case against the closures in the company of numerous Labour MPs, MSPs, trade union leaders, trade union members and Labour Party big-wigs! Spread the word – and we can try to hold an SOS meeting at the end as well.



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