PRESS RELEASE – 13th May 2009

Glasgow Save Our Schools Campaign

PRESS RELEASE … for immediate use (13th May 2009)


on Thursday 14th May

Wyndford & St. Gregory's at Holyrood previously

Wyndford & St. Gregory's at Holyrood previously

Glasgow Save Our Schools Campaign is taking its battle against Glasgow city council to the Scottish parliament and First Minister Alex Salmond, with a large delegation of parents and carers travelling to Edinburgh on Thursday 14th May.

The Campaign will hold a Briefing Meeting for all MSPs inside the parliament, followed by a protest lobby and media event outside at 12.30pm

Glasgow Save Our Schools Campaign organiser, Richie Venton, today said:

We are taking this battle to the highest political institutions in the land, because there is no way we are giving up just because a bunch of Labour councillors see fit to slash our kids’ education and crucify community services.

The issues involved are of grave concern for the whole nation, not just its biggest city.

The Labour council’s closures will mean bigger classes and less teachers – both of which completely contradict the declared aims of the Scottish government and the advice of educational experts.

The so-called consultation procedure, where over 96 per cent opposition to the closures was ignored by Steven Purcell and his puppet councillors, undermines the whole idea of democracy and the Scottish parliament’s own guidelines for public consultation.

We would expect all 17 Glasgow MSPs to attend the meeting with us, but also feel it is right and justified to expect MSPs from across Scotland to hear our case and take it up in the parliament, as it concerns the future of education, children’s health and safety, social cohesion and democracy itself.

We will appeal to the Scottish parliament to not remain silent on such key issues, but to shout its opposition to these regressive, cost-cutting closures from the rooftops.

We will be asking MSPs from all the parties to sponsor a parliamentary motion for debate that criticises the closures, upholds the aims of smaller class sizes and adds the weight of the parliament to parents and pupils against Purcell’s 21st century School Clearances.”

For more info contact Richie Venton on 07828 278 093 or at



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