Occupation – Wyndford Primary School

*Post corrected – St. Gregory’s is not occupied*

BBC coverage


Parents re-occupy Wyndford Primary School, Glasgow
by Richie Venton, Glasgow Save Our Schools organiser

Parents at Wyndford primary school have this afternoon occupied the school in fury at its closure by Glasgow labour council.

Parents sacrificed their Easter holidays, occupying the buildings of schools facing closure. The Labour council ignored this community uprising and the mass opposition across the city to their butchery of primaries and nurseries.

Parents who have re-occupied Wyndford primary as the council slammed the doors shut today are expressing the fury of a community at the damage done to their kids’ education – but also at the Council’s planned demolition of one of the few remaining community facilities in Wyndford.

This school won numerous awards for high achievement, partly based on smaller class sizes. Now kids are being scattered to the four winds by the heartless Labour axe-wielders, who also hope to bulldoze the building. The parents staging the sit-in against Labour’s vandalism deserve massive public support.

For more info contact Richie Venton on 07828 278 093


Or Nikki Rathmill 07894123721

Previous occupation

Please take some time to sign the e-petition for the Scottish Parliament.

You do not have to be a resident of Scotland to sign it.


2 responses to “Occupation – Wyndford Primary School

  1. Heard Richie’s excellent interview on Radio Scotland yesterday (26.6.2009) where he put the case for the schools in a compelling manner. I think the majority of Glaswegians support the campaign and I admire the spirit and strength of those involved in the occupation.
    SSP Campsie

  2. 10 July 2009

    “Britain: Sheffield City Council votes to close Abbeydale Grange School”…


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