Latest News – 27th of June

Parent's Picket Line. Phot provided by Rikki Reid.

Parents and kids on the picket line. Photo provided by Rikki Reid.

1. First thing this morning, Saturday, 8 vans with about 15-20 contracted personnel, entered Wynford Primary and began to load materials from class rooms and the gym.

2. A parent’s picket line was formed across the entrance of the school to prevent the vans leaving.

3. A Council surveillance vehicle with roof camera approached.   It withdrew after it was pointed out that such surveillance constituted “intimidation” and this would be unwise since Council security guards would have to continue to work onthe site after the dispute was settled.

4. After negotiations between the removal personnel and the parents, it was agreed that the vans would be permitted to leave the school premises only if:

a) All school materials loaded were returned to the gymn and the class rooms.

b) The vans would be permitted one by one through the picket line only after each had been stopped and inspected to ensure that no school materials were on board.

Subject to the above conditions, the vans were permitted to leave the premises.

The Council did not cut off water and electricity as threatened.   It was realised that Fire Alarm systems would also have been severed.
All proceedings were supervised by a number of police officers and constables whose conduct was amiable throughout.

The parents agreed that they had “won a battle but not the war”.

(Information provided by Brian Pollitt)

Messages of support can be sent to Nikki Rathmill 07894123721

Please take some time to sign the e-petition for the Scottish Parliament.

You do not have to be a resident of Scotland to sign it.


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