The fight in Wyndford continues

Almost 2 weeks on now and the parents are still occupying the building.

The council have been unable to cut off power because it would also cut the power to the fire alarms, but the water remains off despite all the surrounding parts of the school still being supplied. The council only managed to cut the water by pretending that there was a gas leak and asking to do an inspection. The parents had mentioned that the school did not have a gas supply, but they decided to let them in in good faith after the the council said they had to check anyway.

Needless to say the the parents aren’t surprised by the two-faced and underhand tactics – It’s been par for the course at every stage since the proposals where announced. Parents from all the schools involved have had to experience the same level of conduct from the council.

Please feel free to visit and show your support.

Messages of support can be sent to Nikki Rathmill 07894123721, and on 07554 298 234


Help us pile pressure on MSPs to hear our case in person when the parliament re-opens in September.

Just click on e-petition – with the OPTION of joining the DISCUSSION board.


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