Support from Lewisham Bridge

Lewisham Bridge

Thank you to the parents of Lewisham Bridge who commented on the previous post.

Kirstie – 13 July, 2009

We are reallly sad to hear your news. We were so proud when you took the bold step to re-occupy the school, determined like us to stand up for the rights of our children. It takes enormous energy and determination for parents like us to do things like this and you have shown that it’s really important that we stand up and fight.
We shouldn’t be to disheartened by the courts and the authority. Right is on our side. They may rule against us, but we know that in the end when we have built a movement strong enough take them on, we will!

We were planning to come up this weekend and visit the occupation because we believe, that win or lose, we must carry on and build networks of parents who are willing to fight the government’s attacks on our schools. We would still like to come up. We think it would be a good idea to share stories and ideas for future action – What do you think? No matter what they say and do you should always remember that we are fighting for our children and know matter what anyone says or does that is always the most important thing any parent can do you always remember that you will always remain a inspiration to us!!!!!!!!!!!! we love you all

Kirstie, Eleanor, Juliet, Sanchia, Jason and Alex
Hands off Lewisham Bridge
solidarity forever

“Glasgow parents end school sit-in”The Herald

“Glasgow School Protest Moves Out Of Class And Onto Parliament”The Glaswegian

Scottish Parliament e-petition


One response to “Support from Lewisham Bridge

  1. As one of the parents involved in the school closures in Glasgow I think it is great that networks of parents across the Uk are coming together to support each other in there time of need.

    We need to show the government this violation of our young will not be tollerated and we will fight even after the doors have closed our fight is not over and as long as decisions like these as carried out across our country we will unite and fight back for every child deserves the right to education of the highest level and we will make sure they get it.

    To everyone who has been involved in the fight against school closures we must stand together and we must not give in.

    Lynn Scott
    Barmulloch primary Parent

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