City education chief stands down

Glasgow’s top education official is to stand down from her £120,000-a-year job, citing “the financial challenges facing the council”.

Margaret Doran will leave the post of director of children and families for Glasgow City Council on 28 August.

In a letter to staff, she said her decision had been taken “in the context of responses” to budget difficulties.

In the past year the council has restructured Ms Doran’s department and approved a number of school closures.

In her letter to staff, Ms Doran said: “Following three fulfilling and successful years, and in the context of responses to the financial challenges facing the council, I have chosen to cease my employment with Glasgow City Council on Friday, 28th August, 2009.

“I now wish to explore new opportunities – and new challenges.

“Given the economic and social challenges faced by the citizens of Glasgow, I have never failed to be impressed by the hard work and dedication of those who provide services to the city’s children, families and communities.”

More at BBC

A cynical person might think that they announced this now because they knew the release of Ali al-Megrahi would completely overshadow it in the media.


Scottish Parliament e-petition


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