Parent at Holyrood earlier this year

Parents at Holyrood earlier this year

Parents, carers and community campaigners who fought the closure of schools and nurseries by Glasgow city council throughout this year are appealing to MSPs to back their Petition to the parliament calling for a public inquiry into the impact of closures. The petition will be considered by the 9 MSPS who make up the Public Petitions Committee at their meeting tomorrow, 8th Sept.

Richie Venton, Glasgow Save Our Schools Campaign organiser, who drafted and lodged the parliamentary petition, today said:

“We hope the MSPs on this parliamentary Committee put aside jockeying for party political advantage and live up to the claims made for the Public Petitions Committee – to give the public access to the parliament with their concerns.

“This petition – which calls on the parliament to initiate a full public inquiry into the impact of closures on kids’ education, class sizes, staff jobs, children’s health and safety, and indeed the whole system of public consultation – is of national importance. And that is reflected in the numbers who have co-signed it. It is one of the most popular online petitions to the parliament in the last couple of years, and that’s as nothing compared with the tens of thousands who have signed petitions supporting its demands on the streets and at schools meetings.

“The impact of 22 closures in Glasgow has already been proven to be catastrophic.

“Kids are crammed into classes of 28 and more where they previously enjoyed classes of 21 in the schools closed down.

“Long and often dangerous journeys to school have also led to some parents having to give up their jobs, to juggle childcare with work.

“Over 200 Glasgow teachers only heard which school they were working in the day before the new term started!

“And councils in the rest of Scotland are set to carry out similar savage closures unless they are stopped – even before the weekend revelations about 5 per cent cuts being planned across Scotland’s public services.

“We need a thorough investigation of the impact of closures on kids and communities before any more crazed cuts in the style of Glasgow 2009 are carried out – with parents, teachers and pupils amongst the witnesses called to give first-hand evidence.

“The Scottish parliament boasts that it is more open to the public; they have the chance to prove that by voting in favour of this Petition, widely backed by the public.”

For more info contact Richie Venton on 07828 278 093 or email


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