If the council won’t do it…

The parents in Wyndford have decided to do the councils’ work for them.


Dear All

As you may be aware the old football pitch at the bottom of the Wyndford has been badly neglected over the years by the city council and left in a poor state. The pitch is now badly over grown with weeds covering most of it and is completely of no use to anyone.

A group of us are meeting on Saturday 24th October 2009 at 10.00am at the pitch to dig it up, rake it and try and inject some life into the soil much to the embarrassment of our City Council. There will be equipment available such as a rotovator, lawn mowers etc. The city council have been informed and whether they agree or not this will be going ahead.  At some point, once football teams from our community are up and running, this pitch will be invaluable.

Please, if you can spare any time, come down at help up kick start the Wyndford regeneration and pass this on to anyone you think may be interested in helping.

Many thanks.


Wyndford football pitch

The pitch which the residents are working on. Every Saturday from 10am onwards.


As a result of the fight put up by parents and carer’s, the council has promised to regenerate the area via the ‘Wyndford Task Group’.

However, seeing as trusting the council is about as wise as loaning money to a bank these days, the residents will be keeping an eye on them


The parents and residents have also set up:

Wyndford Community Council.

Inaugural meeting

Tuesday, the 3rd of November, 7:30 pm.

Shakespeare Street Youth Club.

95 Shakespeare St.


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