More closures… sorry ‘mergers’

Glasgow City Council approves more school closures mergers

Glasgow councillors have approved plans to merge or relocate five schools for children with additional support needs.

The move aims to create larger and more sustainable school rolls, with children being taught in better buildings.

The schools affected are Richmond Park, Kelbourne, Nerston, Greeview and Hampden. The mergers and moves will be in place by August 2010.

Earlier this year, the council voted to close 11 of the city’s schools and nine nurseries despite parental opposition.

The plan will see the merger of two primary schools for physical impairment in the north and south east of Glasgow – Kelbourne and Richmond Park.

The new school will be housed in the Kelbourne building, with children transferring in August 2010.

Two primaries for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in East Kilbride and the north of Glasgow – Nerston and Greenview – will merge in February and relocate to the former Hampden building by August 2010.

Hampden School, which caters for primary children with complex learning difficulties, will move to the former Richmond Park building from August 2010.

Councillor Jonathan Findlay, executive member for education, said the changes would improve school provision for children with additional support needs.

More at BBC


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