St Matthew’s Primary – Wishaw

Click for Bebo page

Bebo page set up to save St Matthew’s Primary from closure

Dec 16 2009 by Robert Mitchell, Wishaw Press

PARENTS fighting to keep St Matthew’s Primary open have turned to the internet in a bid to get their message across.

A “Save St Matthew’s” page has been set up on a Bebo website to get parents and friends involved in the battle to save the school.

Almost 200 people have signed up to show their support in the short time that the web page has been up and running.

Maureen Phillips left a message saying: “I went to this school, it’s part of the community of Craigneuk so everyone stick together and fight this. Save our school!”

James Graham Marshall said: “This was a great school, had some good years there.”

Lesley Stafford wrote: “All my family went to this school, it was a great school.”

Another message says: “We don’t need the so-called local councillors, we have the people behind us.”

One lady wrote: “Please show you support for St Matthew’s, I went to this school and so did my kids.”

A mother wrote: “This isn’t closing down without a fight. My wee lassie has just started and isn’t going anywhere else, and my other wee girl starts in a year’s time. Save our school, St Matthew’s all the way!”

Visit the Bebo page at to show your support.



3 responses to “St Matthew’s Primary – Wishaw

  1. We have just been successful in saving our school from closure by Sunderland City Council. If you want to know what we did and how it progressed just go to the web site address above. We also have a fledgling web site called Parents Against School Closure ( to try and provide practical help and advice about how to approach the task of saving your school. Good luck in the fight!

  2. That’s for that.

    It’s been added as a link.

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