Support for amateur coaches

Culture & Sport Glasgow told Steve Koepplinger, who’s a local activist in Maryhill, that he must get a Level 2 coaching certificate before he can help kids play tennis.
When he asked them to send that in writing it came back saying “we advise”, and “recommend” – tisk tisk!
He already has a Level 2 in athletics.

These qualifications cost about a couple of hundred pounds upwards, and you can only get them from the lawn tennis association.

The guy has spent a few hundred pounds of his own money already trying to fix football pitches up here, amongst other things.

The Lord Provost (Bob Winters) said he has tried to get answers from Culture & Sport but is being ignored. So much for the benefits of these ‘arms length’ organisations then, eh Bob? The ones that WE fund!

Please sign Steve’s petition.


Support for amateur coaches
Raised by: Stephen Koepplinger on 06 January 2010
Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to review the arrangements which allow individuals who have undergone satisfactory police checks but who do not have a national governing body level 2 coaching certificate to access community resources (funding as well as sports facilities and equipment) in the same way as those who do have such a qualification in order to increase the breadth and number of coaches available to work with young people across the range of sports activities.

2 responses to “Support for amateur coaches

  1. samantha koepplinger

    my dad runs this and he never told me !!
    I hope he’s still on the website because if he isn’t I’ll give him a big telling of!!!!

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