Parents occupy school in Lanarkshire

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From the BBC

Parents at a closure-threatened primary school in North Lanarkshire have occupied the building and are refusing to leave.

Four women are staging the sit-in at St Matthew’s Primary in Wishaw.

They are angry at proposals by North Lanarkshire Council which could see the school shut, along with three others in the region.

The council said education officials were going to St Matthew’s to in a bid to resolve the situation.

The protesters told BBC Scotland they had sleeping bags and food and were determined to remain in the school.

A public consultation on the school closures is due to end on Friday.

Parents at the other threatened primaries – Belvidere in Bellshill, Gartsherrie in Coatbridge and St Francis of Assisi, Cumbernauld – have also staged protests, held meetings and arranged petitions in a bid to keep the schools open.


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4 responses to “Parents occupy school in Lanarkshire

  1. I have been closely involved in the campaign to save St Mathews from the start and was present last night at the school. Can I say how very proud I was of the massive support that turned out in support of the people locked in.The closure of this school, which is woven into the very fabric of this community, will have far
    reaching implications for all the community.
    We have in NLC, highly paid, non elected officials clearly promoted beyond their capabilities, who do not feel it incumbent upon themseves to be responsible for their actions.
    the real sufferers will be in NLC councillors
    in 2012 who will suffer the wrath of parents
    throughout NLC.

  2. Well done to all involved. It takes a bit of bottle to do that.

    There’s a good guide to school closures here.

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