Steven Purcell set to quit as Glasgow City Council leader

From STV

The leader of Glasgow City Council is expected to announce his resignation amid fears that he is suffering from stress.

Steven Purcell has been one of the leading figures in the Labour party and had been tipped as a future leader of his party in Scotland or an MP. However, it is understood that the councillor will announce his intention to resign from the post as council leader over fears for his health. He is expected to stay on as a councillor.

The 37-year-old’s future is to be discussed at a special meeting of the Glasgow council’s Labour group on Tuesday. His fellow Labour councillor were said to have been informed of his decision on Monday afternoon.

In recent weeks, he was closely involved in the recent controversy at Strathclyde Partnership for Transport where several leading figures including the chief executive and chairman resigned. Mr Purcell was also a leading figure in the organisation of the Commonwealth Games which come to Glasgow in 2014. He was also recently involved in a high-profile spat with First Minister Alex Salmond over the cancellation of the Glasgow Airport Rail Link

Mr Purcell was the youngest leader of Glasgow City Council when he was elected to the post unopposed five years ago at the age of 32. He is closely associated with the Yoker area of the city where he grew up and still lives.

He was first elected to Glasgow City Council in 1995, representing the Blairdardie ward, and went on to be convener of the city’s development and regeneration servies.




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One response to “Steven Purcell set to quit as Glasgow City Council leader

  1. Good riddance to the corrupt, sleazy careerist Purcell. A classic example of an over-confident individual with no credentials to back up his pomp, his legacy being a Glasgow on the edge of a major financial crisis. He has presided over Glasgow rapid swirl down the toilet pan. We are hopefully better off by his resignation. We will probably have to suffer the nauseating act of him receiving a huge pay-off for helping bring Glasgow to its knees, not to mention the suspect, even corrupt, decisions and appointments made during his reign. For suspect (even corrupt) appointments, see Doran, M and her appointment as director of education for proof of the abuse of position by this reprehensible individual.

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