How about an investigation into the schools closures instead?

From the Scotsman

Lawyers demand former colleagues be investigated over revelations

LAWYERS acting for Steven Purcell have issued an extraordinary threat against the ex-leader’s former Glasgow City Council colleagues, saying they want them investigated over revelations in The Scotsman about his “chemical dependency”. In a statement released yesterday, solicitor Peter Watson revealed he would be demanding an inquiry into the city council following the story. The defamation lawyer, who acts for Mr Purcell, claimed that the information about the former leader’s health broke data protection laws. He then alleged that it “appeared” to have been provided to The Scotsman by “one or more persons within Glasgow City Council”. Those claims were denied by a spokesman for the council. But the letter means that Mr Purcell is now effectively demanding, via his legal team, that colleagues he worked with up until last week now face a full investigation. The threat follows a previous warning from Mr Watson, of solicitors Levy and McRae, that officials could face a possible interdict if they said anything about his health problems. Mr Purcell resigned from the council on Monday, blaming “stress and exhaustion” brought on by the pressure of dealing with Commonwealth Games planning and the controversy over Strathclyde Partnership for Transport. However, The Scotsman reported yesterday that council chiefs had considered whether or not to say that Mr Purcell was suffering from a “chemical dependency”. This draft proposal, which was later overruled by Mr Purcell’s own PR advisers, was suggested as a way of explaining his condition. A statement released by PR firm Media House, on behalf of Levy and McRae, said: “The information which has been provided is data which falls within the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Since release was not authorised by Mr Purcell, ex facie there appears to be a breach of the act and an offence has been committed.” The complaint will be considered by the Information Commissioner’s Office. An ICO spokeswoman said: “We have received a complaint regarding a suspected data security breach. We are looking into the complaint to establish the full facts.” A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said once again last night that they had no comment to make on the subject of Mr Purcell’s health and denied that it had provided The Scotsman with any information. A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “The council believes it has complied with the terms of the Data Protection Act and will deal with any complaint on that basis. The information contained in today’s Scotsman was not provided by the council.”


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