Police probe former council leader Steven Purcell over £50k grant

From the Daily Record

DRUG shame council boss Steven Purcell is being probed over alleged corruption.

It has been claimed the former Glasgow Council leader used undue influence to help friend and fellow councillor Ruth Black win a £50,000 contract.

An elite team of detectives are now investigating the claims, which it is understood follow a confidential tip-off this week to opposition SNP councillors.

The development is the first confirmed police involvement in the Purcell affair since his dramatic fall from grace last month.

The 37-year-old political high-flier suffered a breakdown and details of his cocaine use emerged.

The Record understand a confidential source supplied the SNP with potentially incriminating information over the award of the running of the city’s publicly funded lesbian and gay drop-in centre.

The Nats tipped off police, who put their Major Crimes and Terrorism Investigation Unit on the case.

Officers are said to be examining claims about links between Purcell and Black, who friends say regularly socialised together.

Glasgow City Council chief executive George Black and the council’s legal chief Ian Drummond have been made aware of the claims and ordered their own probe.

Ruth Black, 45, who defected to Labour from Tommy Sheridan’s Solidarity Party in 2007, is boss of a firm called The Castro Glasgow Ltd, who were competing to run the new lesbian and gay drop-in centre.

A new centre was needed because the old one, formerly headed by Ruth Black, crashed with debts of £300,000 in April 2009, six months after she quit as centre manager.

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3 responses to “Police probe former council leader Steven Purcell over £50k grant

  1. after reading these articles about all these people who made our kds lives miserable and how these people were allowed to sit in judgement of people ,all decisions made by them should be stoped if they havnt been implemented yet ,we are still fighting to save our disabled children being moved from richmond park into a poorly mainained building which would costthe taxpayers a fortune to bring up to standard and since it is 100 years old costs a fortune in running costs not best value for us taxpayers, we are small in numbers but big on knowledge and have taken it all the way to government ,i hope everyone affected by these council decisions which were not done for the best interest of the children hit them at the polling stations when elections come and certainly get rid of this council when the time comes,bring back public slaying for corruption

  2. All the main parties are the same.

    Spodden Valley, asbestos scandal (part 1)”…


    “Spodden Valley, Rochdale’s asbestos scandal. (Part 2)”…


    “Cyril Smith defends killer asbestos”…


    The real face of the Lib Dems.

  3. George Dutton

    Times never change and it seems never will.

    `Swindling the nation, page 1`…


    `Swindling the nation, page 2`…


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