Parents want action over ‘dilapidated’ city primary

From the Evening Times 6 May 2010

Parents at one of Glasgow’s top performing schools say it has been left to crumble.

St Timothy’s Primary, Greenfield, received Scotland’s best report card from Government education inspectors in 2008.

But, despite giving the school all “excellent” and “very good” marks, facilities were rated “weak”.

Council bosses promised to make improvements to the building and sports pitches.

But parents say it is still needs repair and want education bosses to improve the school.

Now St Timothy’s Parent Council has submitted a proposal to Glasgow City Council pleading for an upgrade to the primary.

Chairwoman Jeanette Findlay said: “At the moment our children have no proper sports facilities when the Government is pushing for provision of high-quality PE.

“St Timothy’s pupils are being taught in an ugly, unfit and dilapidated building. We appreciate the current financial difficulties but it is a fantastic school and deserves investment.”

Parents say the East End school has no central assembly or dining hall, meaning the children cannot hold Mass or have assembly together.

The building has no separate sports facility and the sports pitch is of poor quality. The roof leaks, and windows are not wind or watertight.

Although the council has made some improvements since the 2008 report, parents say these have been cosmetic only.

They want extensive repairs and new facilities and suggest pupils could use the first class sports centre at nearby St Andrew’s High.

Some pupils from the neighbouring St Mark’s Primary, Tollcross, which is targeted for closure, may move to St Timothy’s.

If the merger goes ahead, education bosses say they will look at making improvements to the building and sports facilities.

A council spokeswoman said: “Education officers are compiling all the responses to the consultation.

“A report with recommendations will go to a future executive committee where councillors will make a decision.

“As these are still proposals it would be inappropriate to comment on individual submissions.”


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