Glasgow City Council issues spending cuts warning

See below for protest this Saturday – 26th of June.

From the BBC

Scotland’s largest council is warning that cuts in spending will be “harder, faster and deeper” than it had   originally expected.

Glasgow City Council said it would have to find £40m more in savings next year than it had planned for.

This is likely to lead to bigger cuts in services.

The authority now expects to have to save a total of £115m between 2011 and 2013. It had hoped to delay some savings for longer.

Council officials will now have to find ways of achieving the cuts and balancing its books. The authority is already well on the way to cutting 2,800 jobs over the next three years through retirements and voluntary redundancies.

The budget forecasts are contained in a document circulated to councillors.

Councils across Scotland will not know for sure how much money they will have next year until late in the year. Around 80% of their funding comes from the Scottish Government.

Glasgow City Council is predicting that it will receive nearly £38m less from the government next year. While it expects its main grant to fall by £45m it anticipates getting nearly £8m more so that the council tax can be frozen again.

Finding more ways to save money quickly could prove difficult for the council which has already made significant cuts.

The council is already trying to cut 2,800 jobs over the next three years – many other councils have still to say how many jobs they expect to go. Pay is the single biggest cost which councils can control.

One option may be to try to persuade those who have expressed an interest in voluntary redundancy or retirement to leave more quickly.

More at link.


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