5 more join axed school protest

Uploaded on the 16th of June 2010

Evening Times

25 Jun 2010

Five more parents have joined a sit-in at a Lanarkshire school despite a dawn raid by council staff and police.

A father and grandfather were occupying Gartsherrie Primary School in Coatbridge until yesterday when officers broke into the building.

But the 4am raid made campaigners more determined to sit tight and as a result extra people have joined the protest.

Kirk Elwood, 48, said the campaigners were determined not to move.

He said: “We are sitting tight.”

More than 20 police entered the school at 11pm last night to lockdown the building, including barring access to toilets.

Protesters are fighting the decision by North Lanarkshire Council to shut Gartsherrie school.

It is one of four schools axed by the council which has blamed falling role numbers.

From December 2009

North Lanarkshire Council leader Jim McCabe


Well done to all those involved. It takes a bit of nerve standing up to the council. Especially seeing as they’ve ask the police to get involved. Normally the police are quite friendly and supportive towards people occupying schools or community centres, and  don’t get involved except to check that everyone is OK.  Please take some to contact the council by clicking on the logo below and give them some of you thoughts.


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