Steven Purcell makes a comeback


WHAHEY!!! I got caught taking cocaine, and now I'm under police invistagation on several counts of corruption. Isn't life just grrreat?

From the Daily Record

Shamed former Glasgow council chief Steven Purcell to take up new charity post

Jul 5 2010 Keith Mcleod

DISGRACED former Glasgow City Council leader Steven Purcell is to take up a role with a leading Scottish charity.

Purcell resigned from his high-profile role in March amid drug and potential blackmail issues.

But he will begin work for the Stewart and McKenna Foundation before the police probe into his activities is completed.

The Daily Record exclusively revealed Purcell’s links to a Glasgow drop-in centre, The Castro gay and lesbian centre, on Saturday.

It is frequented by convicted gun runner Paul Ferris and has other links to the Glasgow underworld.

In the wake of his resigna-tion Purcell, 37, admitted to having “dabbled” with cocaine and underwent treatment at a rehab clinic.

He had been touted as a political “star” and a possible future Labour leader in Scotland.

Police began a probe in April but as yet no charges have been brought.

Purcell has expressed an interest in doing voluntary work for charitable causes.

The foundation was begun in 2004 by property developers Stephen McKenna and Allan Stewart.

It funds charitable and social schemes in Burundi, Malawi, Kenya and even Moldova.


2 responses to “Steven Purcell makes a comeback

  1. This has got to be a joke,but then again all his fellow councillors knew of his ‘dabbling’ in cocaine. How the hell he’s getting away with this is just criminal. If this was a member of the public we would be arrested and charged not given a new job. Then they (glasgow city council) wonder why people like me go crazy when they close our primary schools. Where has justice went??????????????

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