Councillor linked to Purcell scandal is suspended after financial inquiry

From the the Herald

A councillor embroiled in allegations of drugs and cronyism linked to former leader Steven Purcell has been suspended by the Labour Party and funding to her gay and lesbian centre axed after serious financial irregularities were uncovered.

Ruth Black - Glasgow City Council

The suspension of Ruth Black follows a meeting with the new leader of Glasgow City Council, Gordon Matheson, who removed the Labour whip from her after the authority’s internal auditors uncovered a raft of financial irregularities at the Castro Centre she runs with her long-term partner, Jeanie McDougall.

A second meeting yesterday between former Solidarity Party member Black and the council’s head of finance saw Castro’s £50,000 grant from the authority cancelled with immediate effect, in a move that is expected to see the Glasgow centre close.

Irregularities include non-payment of tax and National Insurance for staff, despite deductions made from wages, the employment of a relative, McDougall’s son, which runs contrary to council grant rules, and operating with no public and employee liability insurance. The centre’s building insurance has been withdrawn due to non-payment. Further checks were conducted into concerns about massive phone bills, irregularities over payments to and from gaming machines, and the use of the grant to pay for a car.

Castro has debts of £44,000 and although Black has said the centre will continue trading without the grant, senior sources within the council insist that would mean Castro trading insolvently as less than £20,000 of the grant has been paid.

HMRC is also investigating non-payment for seven months, while board member Robert Tamburrini, a senior figure in the social housing sector, has quit after the scale of the irregularities became clear.


2 responses to “Councillor linked to Purcell scandal is suspended after financial inquiry

  1. You get what you pay for, the general public voted this immoral woman into power, its no good crying about schools and other decent services being closed down while tax money is being lavished on disgusting centres like the Castro homosexual club. What did they expect? Did they truly expect that this homosexual to have their interest at heart? Homosexuals in power look after their own kind Black and Purcell have proved this.
    I hope she gets 20 years…. Just wishful thinking…

    • You just couldn’t resist scapegoating all homosexuals could you Alex?
      Purcell chose Ruth Black to run the centre over ‘Glasgay’ (a successful organisation) . This was because Black was a councillor who chose to jump ship over to Labour.

      The gay community in Glasgow is raging that this was allowed to happen. Mainly because she had already run one centre into the ground, but also because it would give narrow minded people like yourself a chance to point and say, “Oooo look, the old testament was right”.

      I nearly didn’t post the story cos I knew some eegit would come up with that kind of statement. Social nepotism is practiced by all groups by the way – Men, women, Scots, Catholics, Protestants, etc etc etc…

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