Purcell ‘helped party donors access top council official’

From the Herald

Steven Purcell


The disgraced former leader of Glasgow City Council helped arrange access to a top official for two Labour-supporting developers who later gave him a job.

Ex-Labour boss Steven Purcell helped tee up meetings between the pair’s lawyer and the council’s chief executive, and asked a second senior official to examine their business proposals.

Last week the duo, Allan Stewart and Stephen McKenna, announced they had given Purcell a post with their charitable foundation.

The businessmen are behind several housing projects in and around Glasgow. In 2007, shortly after the council agreed to pay them £1.7 million for a plot of land, one of their firms gave £5000 to Scottish Labour.


3 responses to “Purcell ‘helped party donors access top council official’

  1. This Glasgow Labour administration is now so discredited, surely the Government need to step in?

  2. George Dutton

    “The Corruption of New Labour: Britain’s Watergate? ”

    Read all the comments.



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