Vodafone – Tax Dodgers

London protest #ukuncut
Next action – Glasgow
Meet at All Saints Buchanan St Glasgow @ 8.30am

The government has allowed Vodafone to
dodge £6 billion in tax. That’s money they owe
the British public.
The government is not acting to stop corporate
tax evasion. As well as wiping Vodafone’s debt,
they are cutting funding to HM Revenue and
Custom by a quarter, making them toothless in
the face of the corporate tax evaders.
Through legal loopholes and tax evasion the
wealthiest British companies dodge at least £12
billion in tax a year.
That amounts to at least £48 billion over the
course of the next four years.
Reclaiming that money would make over half of
the government’s planned spending cuts unnec-
The coalition government is ideologically commit-
ted to cutting public spending, hitting the poorest
and most vulnerable in our society hardest. It is
the disabled, the unemployed, ethnic minorities
and women who will feel the brunt of these cuts.
At the same time, George Osborne has cut the
tax corporations have to pay.
The government cuts are not ‘fair’, we’re not ‘all
in it together’ and there are alternatives.
Here’s one alternative to the savage
cuts: force the big companies to pay
the tax that they owe us, starting with
Vodafone’s £6 billion

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