Save the Accord Centre

Lifted from their facebook page.

Demanding a replacement for soon to close Accord day care centre for people with learning disabilities

For over 20 years the Accord Centre has been a well loved day care centre for people with learning disabilities in the East End of Glasgow. Due to the Commonwealth Games the Accord Centre, situated in Dalmarnock is to make way for a new road to the Games site. We are told that due to the ‘economic climate’ there will be no new day care centre and instead we are being offered a hired room in the Bambury community centre (which was recently in financial difficulty).

“The Accord centre means everything to me, all my friends are there, we get a good laugh there…I don’t want to be in a community centre…I don’t know who will be coming in or out…I want a safe environment” ..Cheryl McArthur, service user

We feel very strongly that this is completely unaccaptable and demand that from the millions being invested into these Games a new day centre is the minimum that the people of Dalmarnock and the East End deserve from these Games, otherwise what is the benefit of this big international spectacle to the people of Glasgow?

Please help us spread the word and raise awareness of this fight. The Accord Day Care Centre, it is more than just a ‘centre’, this is where people go to meet up with there friends, get support doing activities which they enjoy, gaining easy access to health care facilities…

We are fighting hard for our loved ones, and we will not give up.

If you would like to support us in anyway, please get in contact via facebook, twitter or email ( savetheaccord[at] )

One response to “Save the Accord Centre

  1. THE head of a charity set up to tackle poverty in one of the poorest parts of Scotland has been given a golden goodbye worth £500,000 by Labour councillors. According to an internal report, the pension top-up for GERA’s Chief Executive was paid for using reserves earmarked for the redevelopment of a school in Dalmarnock, a deprivation blackspot.

    The GERA chair was James Coleman, a former deputy council leader; the vice-chair was Councillor Catherine McMaster; and the third councillor was George Redmond, who signed off the accounts last month.
    Coleman said the deal was “routine”. “We must have felt he deserved it,” he said.

    “earmarked for the redevelopment of a school in Dalmarnock ?” – I wonder which one they mean ?

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