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Big companies being let off with £25BN in tax while the rest of us are being squeezed dry

A UK wide campaign called UK Uncut has been working hard over the last 14 months to expose tax dodging companies like  Vodafone and Sir Philip Green‘s Topshop, among many others. It’s been estimated that Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has been going soft of their unpaid bills to the tune of £25 BILLION. After along hard slog, today the subject has made it to the top of the news.

Channel 4 News: HMRC ‘bent rules’ for big firms

BBC News: HMRC criticised for ‘cosy’ deals by committee of MPs

These are not struggling companies, and in the case of Vodafone one year’s profit would comfortably clear it’s outstanding tax debt.  The government says we need to slash public spending to balance the books, so why are profit rich companies being allowed to dodge billions in tax? 

There’s been a number of protests in Glasgow over the past year. To get involved and help get the money back we’re all due, keep an eye on UK Uncut’s Action List.

Topshop Protest - Argyle Street last week (17/12/11)

Store security seemed to mostly ignore the protesters, focusing more on the press photographers, preventing them from taking any pictures.

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Glasgow photos (bottom two) by Frank Martin – blog twitter facebook – feel free to use and share. No need to credit source.

Save the Accord Centre

Lifted from their facebook page.

Demanding a replacement for soon to close Accord day care centre for people with learning disabilities

For over 20 years the Accord Centre has been a well loved day care centre for people with learning disabilities in the East End of Glasgow. Due to the Commonwealth Games the Accord Centre, situated in Dalmarnock is to make way for a new road to the Games site. We are told that due to the ‘economic climate’ there will be no new day care centre and instead we are being offered a hired room in the Bambury community centre (which was recently in financial difficulty).

“The Accord centre means everything to me, all my friends are there, we get a good laugh there…I don’t want to be in a community centre…I don’t know who will be coming in or out…I want a safe environment” ..Cheryl McArthur, service user

We feel very strongly that this is completely unaccaptable and demand that from the millions being invested into these Games a new day centre is the minimum that the people of Dalmarnock and the East End deserve from these Games, otherwise what is the benefit of this big international spectacle to the people of Glasgow?

Please help us spread the word and raise awareness of this fight. The Accord Day Care Centre, it is more than just a ‘centre’, this is where people go to meet up with there friends, get support doing activities which they enjoy, gaining easy access to health care facilities…

We are fighting hard for our loved ones, and we will not give up.

If you would like to support us in anyway, please get in contact via facebook, twitter or email ( savetheaccord[at]hotmail.co.uk )

Fund-raising for Wyndford Play Park

One of the many protests back in early 2009

As a result of the Wyndford occupations in April 2009 campaigners managed to save one of the building, and the grounds of the schools, to be used as a community centre (The Maryhill Hub). It wasn’t the result people were looking for but it’s shown that occupation and other direct action is sometimes needed to get the government to listen and take you seriously.

Campaigners in the area went on to form the Wyndford & District Community Council, and now another £75,000 of funding is available to complete the play park outside. It’s nowhere near enough to make a good job of things so they’ve decided to do further fund-raising. The current funds would see most of the area being tarmacked.

They’ll be approaching a whole range of different companies and funds for support. If you would like to help in any way, or you know of a group of company that might be interested in helping please let them know.

WyndfordCC@gmail.com or you can call on 07552 189 082

If you’d like to make a donation you can send a cheque to

Maryhill Hub,  , 186 Wyndford Road, Glasgow, G20 8HF (payable to Wyndford & District Community Council – or get in touch at the details above).

The audit of the bank account is always open for public viewing.

What they’re trying to have installed:

    • Toddler play frames and swings
    • Child play frames and swings
    • Road Park for cycling
    • Community garden
    • Allotment gardens(at the rear of the building)
    • Skate and BMX area

    The grounds of the Hub as they are just now.

    Last two photos by Frank Martin. Feel free to use and share.

    Vodafone shut down in Glasgow


    Each teaching post ‘chased by 17 applicants’

    From the BBC

    Every teaching vacancy in Scotland is being chased by an average of 17 applicants, according to official figures.

    The competition for the posts varied from 49 for each job in Stirling to three per vacancy in Shetland.

    The Liberal Democrats, who obtained the details through freedom of information requests, said the figures showed teachers’ talents were “being wasted”.

    Education Secretary Michael Russell said the numbers were “a concern”.

    In total, 75,579 applications were made for 4,520 vacancies in 2009-10 – an average of about 17 for each position.

    The average number of applications per job included 14 in Aberdeenshire, 21 in Dundee, 27 in Edinburgh and six in Glasgow.

    Aberdeen City Council said it did not hold the details.

    Higher numbers included 47 in Midlothian, 37 in East Renfrewshire and 33 in North Lanarkshire.

    Lower averages per job included five in the Western Isles, four in Dumfries and Galloway, five in Orkney and 10 in Moray.

    ‘Reduce competition’

    Lib Dem education spokeswoman Margaret Smith said the figures “will be deeply concerning for teachers”.

    She added: “The SNP said they would maintain the record number of teachers they inherited from the previous executive but teacher numbers are down by 3,000.

    “Scotland’s young people are also missing out on the opportunity to learn from newly-trained, enthusiastic teachers who have a wealth of talent and skill, being wasted as they struggle to find jobs.”

    Education Secretary Michael Russell said: “The difficulties faced by teachers looking for a post is a concern.

    “Scotland is already unique in guaranteeing a year’s employment after graduation from initial teacher education, but we want to do more and we are examining ways we can provide further help.

    “While recent figures show that teacher unemployment is lower in Scotland than elsewhere in the UK, we are still working hard to address the issue and have cut student intake, which will reduce competition for jobs.”

    Chemical Dependency

    From SSY

    So apparently the original press statement Glasgow’s Labour Council were going to release regarding Stephen Purcell’s resignation described a “chemical dependency” of his as being the reason for his standing down. Of course, SSY is in no position to make any informed comment regarding such accusations. We can however, make informed speculation as to what the chemical dependency may or may not be. Of course we have to make clear that the chemical dependency could be one, many, all or none of these things.

    1) Stephen Purcell is obsessed with making model volcanoes.

    We all know someone who has fallen into volcano addiction. First it begins with small models, perhaps only the size of a molehill but eventually expands to the size of a back garden, swamping friends and loved ones in baking soda. The process of lies begins with an excessive amount of bicarbonate soda – all to be used in “baking cakes” which never seem to materialise.

    But was Purcell a Volcanolic? Was his abscence during the Save our Schools campaign due to an obsessive desire to recreate Krakatoa in the bathroom of central chambers? Labour sources have revealed nothing.

    2. Bunsen Burner fetishes.

    Most times a bunsen burner is a vital piece of scientific equipment which should be dealt with caution in youth as a source of burny flames. However in the hands of a hardened bunsenaholic like Purcell the burner becomes an altogether more sinister piece of equipment.

    Purcell could have spent literally days locked in his office burning various transitional elements, alkali metals and, given the correct equipment various noble gases. There is a time and a place for science but when the leader of Scotland’s largest council spends days conducting scientific experiments already extensively confirmed by various scientific institutions it is time for concerned families to ask questions.

    3) Mentos and Coca Cola.

    It begins as a joke – perhaps dropping one mento into a bottle of Diet Coke in someones front room at a house party, and watching as the room is covered with fizzy shite. But even this simple pastime can drag someone down the dark, souless road of an addict.

    Did Stephen Purcell amass gigantic quantities of Diet Cola – up to 3 metric tonnes according to some sources – and subject it to mentos? Despite a lack of evidence, we can say with confidence almost certainly yes.

    4. Fabric softener.

    Take a look at Stephen Purcell. I think we can all agree he’s a well dressed man, ready to go out and do his best for the people of Glasgow. But did certain cleaning substances go beyond the realms of appropriate hygiene and into a murky world of fabric softener obsession? Did Purcell take regular half hour breaks from important council meetings to plunge his head into baskets of freshly laundered clothes, to get off on the smell of febreeze? Certainly not on taxpayers time and money, SSY hopes.

    5. Distillation.

    Distillation is essential for separating crude oil into various fractions which can be used for various purposes – fuels etc. But Stephen Purcells interest in this chemical process is rumoured to go far beyond either an amateur or even higher chemistry student interest.

    Sources at Grangemouth say someone matching Stephen Purcell’s description has been secretly infiltrating the plant to oversee important chemical processes. Sources say that so far it has only been due to Purcell’s extensive obsession with safety that a major disaster at Grangemouth and several other plants has been avoided.


    Of course we have no idea which of these chemical dependencies could be accurate or not, hopefully this has simply been an error made by Glasgow City Council and it has in fact been Stephen Purcells tireless fight against schools, binmen, and trade unions across the city which has got him so tired and exhausted.

    After all, whenever SSY is exhausted there’s nothing we like better than having a sit down, cup o tea, watch a dvd and tell a high profile legal team to absolutely cut the shit out of anyone who even suggests weve been up to anything dodgy whatsoever like.


    Further update: Daily Record


    Margaret Doran meets pupils from Victoria Primary and Nursery

    Margaret Doran meets pupils from Victoria Primary and Nursery

    The Glasgow Save Our Schools Campaign, which led the mass movement against school and nursery closures since January, is delighted at the resignation of Margaret Dorarn, chief education officer for the Labour council, given her central role in the closures.

    Richie Venton, Glasgow Save Our Schools Campaign organiser, today said:

    “The resignation of Margaret Doran from her £120,000-a-year job is a victory for those of us who fought the vicious closures of primaries and nurseries that she was at the heart of.

    “The parents, carers and communities of 2,000 children who have been uprooted and dumped in bigger classes, further from home, will have a very simple response to Ms Doran’s departure: ‘good riddance to bad rubbish!’.

    “The statement announcing her decision talks of ‘financial challenges facing the council’. Are the thieves falling out?

    “Margaret Doran was a critical player in drafting the butchery of our kids’ education and community facilities – but under orders from the Chief Axe-man himself, Labour Council leader Stephen Purcell.

    “Far from hinting at any disagreement with the elected Labour politicians’ closures package, Ms Doran was a strident advocate and defender of them. But the ferocious opposition of parents, carers and communities, led by the Glasgow Save Our Schools Campaign, undoubtedly caused private divisions amongst council leaders and officers on how best to cope with the public fury.

    “So when Labour councillors sing hymns of praise for her ‘leaving a tremendous legacy’ for Glasgow kids’ education, it’s enough to make you vomit.

    “Her ‘legacy’ includes chaos in the first week of school term, with kids packed into far bigger classes, many of them travelling dangerous and long routes, some teaching staff only hearing where they were to work a week before the new term started, and many parents facing loss of their jobs because they can’t juggle between childcare arrangements and working times.

    “We celebrate the departure of one butcher of kids’ education – the unelected £120,000-a-year bureaucrat – but intend to work for the removal of the bigger butchers – the Labour councillors who rode roughshod over people’s needs and wishes.”

    For more info contact Richie Venton on 07828 278 093 or email richieventon@hotmail.com

    Scottish Parliament e-petition