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Steven Purcell will not be taken to court

So Steven Purcell and his pal Ruth Black escape a spell in the dock. STV News

Purcell was supposed to have been worried that Glasgow gansters had footage of him snorting cocaine. I’m not sure why he thought it was a good idea  to be hanging around with gangsters in the first place. Maybe that’s normal practice for Glasgow city councillors?

There was also concern over the £50,000  of council money he tried to funnel into Ruth Black’s new LGBT centre. The worry being that the last one she helped run went bust owing thousands.

She also forgot to pay the tax and national insurance of the employees. Oh they managed to deducted the money from people wages, yeah that bit was fine, it was the passing it on to the tax office that seemed to be the tricky part. Labour ended up suspending Black.

And then there was the allegations that Black was supplying Purcell with drugs. (half way through)



If you don’t laugh you cry.


Purcell ‘helped party donors access top council official’

From the Herald

Steven Purcell


The disgraced former leader of Glasgow City Council helped arrange access to a top official for two Labour-supporting developers who later gave him a job.

Ex-Labour boss Steven Purcell helped tee up meetings between the pair’s lawyer and the council’s chief executive, and asked a second senior official to examine their business proposals.

Last week the duo, Allan Stewart and Stephen McKenna, announced they had given Purcell a post with their charitable foundation.

The businessmen are behind several housing projects in and around Glasgow. In 2007, shortly after the council agreed to pay them £1.7 million for a plot of land, one of their firms gave £5000 to Scottish Labour.

Councillor linked to Purcell scandal is suspended after financial inquiry

From the the Herald

A councillor embroiled in allegations of drugs and cronyism linked to former leader Steven Purcell has been suspended by the Labour Party and funding to her gay and lesbian centre axed after serious financial irregularities were uncovered.

Ruth Black - Glasgow City Council

The suspension of Ruth Black follows a meeting with the new leader of Glasgow City Council, Gordon Matheson, who removed the Labour whip from her after the authority’s internal auditors uncovered a raft of financial irregularities at the Castro Centre she runs with her long-term partner, Jeanie McDougall.

A second meeting yesterday between former Solidarity Party member Black and the council’s head of finance saw Castro’s £50,000 grant from the authority cancelled with immediate effect, in a move that is expected to see the Glasgow centre close.

Irregularities include non-payment of tax and National Insurance for staff, despite deductions made from wages, the employment of a relative, McDougall’s son, which runs contrary to council grant rules, and operating with no public and employee liability insurance. The centre’s building insurance has been withdrawn due to non-payment. Further checks were conducted into concerns about massive phone bills, irregularities over payments to and from gaming machines, and the use of the grant to pay for a car.

Castro has debts of £44,000 and although Black has said the centre will continue trading without the grant, senior sources within the council insist that would mean Castro trading insolvently as less than £20,000 of the grant has been paid.

HMRC is also investigating non-payment for seven months, while board member Robert Tamburrini, a senior figure in the social housing sector, has quit after the scale of the irregularities became clear.

Steven Purcell makes a comeback


WHAHEY!!! I got caught taking cocaine, and now I'm under police invistagation on several counts of corruption. Isn't life just grrreat?

From the Daily Record

Shamed former Glasgow council chief Steven Purcell to take up new charity post

Jul 5 2010 Keith Mcleod

DISGRACED former Glasgow City Council leader Steven Purcell is to take up a role with a leading Scottish charity.

Purcell resigned from his high-profile role in March amid drug and potential blackmail issues.

But he will begin work for the Stewart and McKenna Foundation before the police probe into his activities is completed.

The Daily Record exclusively revealed Purcell’s links to a Glasgow drop-in centre, The Castro gay and lesbian centre, on Saturday.

It is frequented by convicted gun runner Paul Ferris and has other links to the Glasgow underworld.

In the wake of his resigna-tion Purcell, 37, admitted to having “dabbled” with cocaine and underwent treatment at a rehab clinic.

He had been touted as a political “star” and a possible future Labour leader in Scotland.

Police began a probe in April but as yet no charges have been brought.

Purcell has expressed an interest in doing voluntary work for charitable causes.

The foundation was begun in 2004 by property developers Stephen McKenna and Allan Stewart.

It funds charitable and social schemes in Burundi, Malawi, Kenya and even Moldova.

Police probe former council leader Steven Purcell over £50k grant

From the Daily Record

DRUG shame council boss Steven Purcell is being probed over alleged corruption.

It has been claimed the former Glasgow Council leader used undue influence to help friend and fellow councillor Ruth Black win a £50,000 contract.

An elite team of detectives are now investigating the claims, which it is understood follow a confidential tip-off this week to opposition SNP councillors.

The development is the first confirmed police involvement in the Purcell affair since his dramatic fall from grace last month.

The 37-year-old political high-flier suffered a breakdown and details of his cocaine use emerged.

The Record understand a confidential source supplied the SNP with potentially incriminating information over the award of the running of the city’s publicly funded lesbian and gay drop-in centre.

The Nats tipped off police, who put their Major Crimes and Terrorism Investigation Unit on the case.

Officers are said to be examining claims about links between Purcell and Black, who friends say regularly socialised together.

Glasgow City Council chief executive George Black and the council’s legal chief Ian Drummond have been made aware of the claims and ordered their own probe.

Ruth Black, 45, who defected to Labour from Tommy Sheridan’s Solidarity Party in 2007, is boss of a firm called The Castro Glasgow Ltd, who were competing to run the new lesbian and gay drop-in centre.

A new centre was needed because the old one, formerly headed by Ruth Black, crashed with debts of £300,000 in April 2009, six months after she quit as centre manager.

More at Daily Record

Crown Office in talks over Purcell

From the Evening Times

The Crown Office has ­confirmed it is in talks with police about launching a criminal investigation into former Glasgow City Council leader Steven Purcell after he admitted using cocaine.

It is understood the discussions follow an admission by Mr Purcell in a newspaper interview that he had used the drug several times while in office.

The former leader was visited by officers from the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency at the city chambers, where he was warned drug-taking could leave him vulnerable to blackmail attempts.

A Crown Office spokeswoman said: “The procurator fiscal is liaising with Strath­clyde Police in relation to this matter, in light of recent alleged admissions to the press in relation to the use of Class A drugs.”

A spokesman for ­Strath­clyde Police said it was currently assessing information.

The decision was welcomed by Glasgow’s only Tory councillor, David Meikle, who had called for an investigation into allegations of wrongdoing.

He said: “Mr Purcell’s statement in the press raised more questions than it answered.

“I have raised several questions in relation to the Pur­cell statement, but answers have not been forthcoming.”

Former Lord Advocate Lord Fraser of Carmyllie said it was “astonishing” the police and the Crown Office had not investigated the circumstances surrounding Purcell’s resignation until now.

He said: “Just because you’re leader of the administration doesn’t mean you should get gentle treatment.”

Cronyism – Follow up

Thanks go to Gerry Braiden at the Herald for taking the time sift through the bewilderingly complex details of these quangos.

As an exercise in Blairite civic reform the theory was simple: crack the city state of Glasgow and the rest would fall into line, domino style.

But rather than blaze the trail for Scotland, the creation of arm’s-length companies by the nation’s largest authority has raised more questions about accountability and transparency than provide solutions for weathering the economic crisis or, indeed, providing a model for 21st century public services.

Following revelations that former leader Steven Purcell, who resigned amid blackmail fears and admissions of alcohol and drug abuse, used his network of Aleos to buy the support of friends, colleagues and even some dissidents, it has now emerged that he and his councillor colleagues set their own salaries for sitting on their boards.

When setting up the Aleos, a group including elected members and department officials, would look at what councillors were receiving from sitting on outside bodies such as the SECC, health or fire boards and what the special responsibility allowances – since scrapped for being overused and untenable – were paying. From that they would arrive at a figure they believed best reflected the responsibilities being undertaken in the new Aleo. This would then be approved by the council’s head of finance.

More at heraldscotland

“The sheer weight of numbers means Labour always has the ultimate veto but there is a valid argument that all parties have been complicit.”

Brilliant! Absolutely magnificent!

Because all the parties are involved there’s less chance of it getting sorted, if at all. What a shower of ********!



Revealed: Cronyism at heart of Purcell’s council

Click to download full view (pdf)

Steven Purcell’s elaborate system of political patronage is today revealed by The Herald, showing how friends, allies and even opposition councillors were paid tens of thousands of pounds to run the network of hived-off companies established by the disgraced former leader of Glasgow City Council.

The wages bill for the dozen or so arm’s-length bodies (Aleos) set up by Mr Purcell during his time as leader ran to almost £400,000 over what it would have cost to pay councillors had the services remained in-house.

It also reveals how some Labour “backwoodsmen” – councillors receiving no special responsibility allowances – were given positions on outside bodies and commanded five-figure sums on top of their basic salaries, while SNP councillors who have fiercely criticised the Aleos recently, have pocketed tens of thousands of pounds from the companies.

Many members of the authority now receive more from directorship fees each year than they do from their basic salaries of £16,234.

The Herald’s investigation comes as ministers order a Scotland-wide review of council spin-off companies amid concerns they are being used to bypass limits on payments to councillors and reward political cronies.

Finance Secretary John Swinney has asked the independent body that recommends councillor pay to investigate how spin-offs such as leisure trusts and arm’s-length companies are boosting salary levels.

Even members of the Labour administration have said that Aleos evolved into a secretive web of political patronage under Mr Purcell, who resigned last month citing “stress and exhaustion”, and has since admitted cocaine use.

More at heraldscotland

BBC iPlayer – Newsnight Scotland

Council refuses to share Purcell diary


Published on 20 Mar 2010

A request for Steven Purcell’s ­official work diaries to be made public has been blocked by Glasgow City Council – because the authority says the material is not its property.

The Herald and its sister paper the Evening Times had asked to view the appointment diaries of the former council leader, who quit his post 18 days ago citing stress and exhaustion.

After being refused, the newspapers are now attempting to force the authority’s hand under Freedom of Information legislation, and a ruling is expected early next week. But The Herald understands the council is also likely to refuse that request, ­having in the past taken the view that a councillor’s diary is not information formally held by the council.

Chemical Dependency

From SSY

So apparently the original press statement Glasgow’s Labour Council were going to release regarding Stephen Purcell’s resignation described a “chemical dependency” of his as being the reason for his standing down. Of course, SSY is in no position to make any informed comment regarding such accusations. We can however, make informed speculation as to what the chemical dependency may or may not be. Of course we have to make clear that the chemical dependency could be one, many, all or none of these things.

1) Stephen Purcell is obsessed with making model volcanoes.

We all know someone who has fallen into volcano addiction. First it begins with small models, perhaps only the size of a molehill but eventually expands to the size of a back garden, swamping friends and loved ones in baking soda. The process of lies begins with an excessive amount of bicarbonate soda – all to be used in “baking cakes” which never seem to materialise.

But was Purcell a Volcanolic? Was his abscence during the Save our Schools campaign due to an obsessive desire to recreate Krakatoa in the bathroom of central chambers? Labour sources have revealed nothing.

2. Bunsen Burner fetishes.

Most times a bunsen burner is a vital piece of scientific equipment which should be dealt with caution in youth as a source of burny flames. However in the hands of a hardened bunsenaholic like Purcell the burner becomes an altogether more sinister piece of equipment.

Purcell could have spent literally days locked in his office burning various transitional elements, alkali metals and, given the correct equipment various noble gases. There is a time and a place for science but when the leader of Scotland’s largest council spends days conducting scientific experiments already extensively confirmed by various scientific institutions it is time for concerned families to ask questions.

3) Mentos and Coca Cola.

It begins as a joke – perhaps dropping one mento into a bottle of Diet Coke in someones front room at a house party, and watching as the room is covered with fizzy shite. But even this simple pastime can drag someone down the dark, souless road of an addict.

Did Stephen Purcell amass gigantic quantities of Diet Cola – up to 3 metric tonnes according to some sources – and subject it to mentos? Despite a lack of evidence, we can say with confidence almost certainly yes.

4. Fabric softener.

Take a look at Stephen Purcell. I think we can all agree he’s a well dressed man, ready to go out and do his best for the people of Glasgow. But did certain cleaning substances go beyond the realms of appropriate hygiene and into a murky world of fabric softener obsession? Did Purcell take regular half hour breaks from important council meetings to plunge his head into baskets of freshly laundered clothes, to get off on the smell of febreeze? Certainly not on taxpayers time and money, SSY hopes.

5. Distillation.

Distillation is essential for separating crude oil into various fractions which can be used for various purposes – fuels etc. But Stephen Purcells interest in this chemical process is rumoured to go far beyond either an amateur or even higher chemistry student interest.

Sources at Grangemouth say someone matching Stephen Purcell’s description has been secretly infiltrating the plant to oversee important chemical processes. Sources say that so far it has only been due to Purcell’s extensive obsession with safety that a major disaster at Grangemouth and several other plants has been avoided.


Of course we have no idea which of these chemical dependencies could be accurate or not, hopefully this has simply been an error made by Glasgow City Council and it has in fact been Stephen Purcells tireless fight against schools, binmen, and trade unions across the city which has got him so tired and exhausted.

After all, whenever SSY is exhausted there’s nothing we like better than having a sit down, cup o tea, watch a dvd and tell a high profile legal team to absolutely cut the shit out of anyone who even suggests weve been up to anything dodgy whatsoever like.


Further update: Daily Record