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Big companies being let off with £25BN in tax while the rest of us are being squeezed dry

A UK wide campaign called UK Uncut has been working hard over the last 14 months to expose tax dodging companies like  Vodafone and Sir Philip Green‘s Topshop, among many others. It’s been estimated that Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has been going soft of their unpaid bills to the tune of £25 BILLION. After along hard slog, today the subject has made it to the top of the news.

Channel 4 News: HMRC ‘bent rules’ for big firms

BBC News: HMRC criticised for ‘cosy’ deals by committee of MPs

These are not struggling companies, and in the case of Vodafone one year’s profit would comfortably clear it’s outstanding tax debt.  The government says we need to slash public spending to balance the books, so why are profit rich companies being allowed to dodge billions in tax? 

There’s been a number of protests in Glasgow over the past year. To get involved and help get the money back we’re all due, keep an eye on UK Uncut’s Action List.

Topshop Protest - Argyle Street last week (17/12/11)

Store security seemed to mostly ignore the protesters, focusing more on the press photographers, preventing them from taking any pictures.

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Glasgow photos (bottom two) by Frank Martin – blog twitter facebook – feel free to use and share. No need to credit source.